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20 years young

Happy 20, BONTON ! 


What a journey it’s been since the Cohen family first set up BONTON in 2001, aimed at a trendier, more fashion-forward clientele than big brother BONPOINT.

Since its early days as a series of unique albeit exclusively Parisian concept stores, BONTON has grown into an international brand with worldwide presence, having been acquired by the CMP Group in 2017. Over the past few years, BONTON stores have been popping up everywhere across France, as well as in Brussels and London. The brand has carved out space for itself in leading department stores such as Harrods, Le Bon Marché, Takashimaya, Hyundai, and Lotte. It has also succeeded in raising its profile abroad, and now boasts a distribution subsidiary in Japan, partners in Korea and the US, and more coming soon to China, with an upcoming store opening in Shanghai. In just a handful of years, the BONTON collections have expanded, and now feature a women’s range, an extensive organic cosmetics line, and ranges that encompass furniture, household linens, home décor, jewellery, and lighting.

BONTON has emerged as a family- and child-friendly brand and shopping destination across the globe, now distributed in over 150 sales points and through a website that has been overhauled and kitted out with a full panel of personalised services, from click & collect and three-instalment payments, to baby shower lists and more.





Introducing a collection designed as the most uplifting and colourful of birthday parties, shot through with joy and cheer. A moreish cocktail of upbeat vibes, all in our trademark style. Twenty of BONTON’s cult classics for young and old alike, featuring a mix of upcycled materials, for an exclusive, European-made capsule collection. The BONTON colours take centre stage here as an endless source of inspiration: we’ve come up with thousands of them, all with their own cute, funny name.

Especially for our birthday, we’ve focused on vibrant, upbeat colours taken from our archives: GRENADINE (Summer 2012), BLEU PAON (Winter 2007) and JAUNE 70’s (Winter 2013). Autumn and winter, you say? Bring it on!

Forever faithful to our French dyeing factory, we decided not to change a winning team. Over-dyeing is put to work in elevating cotton gauze (our one true love) to colour perfection, scattered with Liberty or small check prints for pockets, yoking, and

button tabs galore. All the patchwork and mixing and matching you can handle, for infinite combinations and a statement all of our own. Accessories are given space to shine here, too:

trunks, floral scarves and slippers provide the ultimate finishing touch to a one-off ‘Bonton special’ wardrobe.

Finally, a French-made natural wax candle delicately scented with orange blossom in an upcycled holder is the candle on the cake for BONTON’s 20th birthday party.

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