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Data Privacy

BONTON’S policy concerning the protection of personal data on its website, its social network pages and in its stores

BONTON attaches great importance to protecting the privacy and personal data of its potential and existing Customers. BONTON considers the extent of this protection as an essential aspect of the quality of its services and products.

The purpose of this policy is to define and explain how BONTON collects, processes and protects personal data, in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679, referred to as the “GDPR”), when a customer visits the BONTON website, uses its applications or purchases BONTON products via the BONTON website or in-store.

This Policy applies to the BONTON websites:

  • France: www.bonton.fr/fr
  • Spain: www.bonton.fr/es_es
  • Belgium: www.bonton.fr/fr_be
  • United Kingdom: www.bonton.fr/en_gb
  • Other countries of the European Union (euro zone): www.bonton.fr/en

BONTON owns and operates the www.bonton.fr/en websites, but works with a company called Global-e, which supplies order processing and fulfilment services and which is the vendor of all products and services purchased via the above-mentioned websites. The payment pages are provided by Global-e. After Global-e has successfully verified the order and payment information, Global-e purchases the merchandise from BONTON and resells it to the Customer in accordance with the Global-e General Terms and Conditions of Use.

If the Customer purchases products or services on the websiteswww.bonton.fr/en, his personal data will be collected and used by Global-e for the purpose of processing his order. This Privacy Notice concerns only the use of the Customer’s data by BONTON. The Customer should refer to the Global-e privacy policy for further details of how his personal data will be used.



The data controller is the company BONTON, a Simplified Joint Stock Company with a registered capital of 618,200 euros, having its registered office at 15 rue Saint-Benoît 75006 Paris, registered in the Trade & Company Register (RCS) of Paris under the number 428 565 782, the VAT number of which is FR91 428 565 782, represented by its CEO, SC Balthazar.

The BONTON websites, applications and other digital platforms are hosted by Salesforce Commerce Cloud. BONTON may then forward information to its affiliate companies in accordance with the guarantees described in this Policy.

All sales made via the online store on this website are made by BONTON and all marketing messages and communications are sent to you by BONTON



The term “personal data” refers to any information concerning an identified natural person or one who may be identified directly or indirectly with reference to an identification number or one or several items of information specific to him such as his last name, first name, date of birth, customer number, order number or photo, etc.

BONTON collects the following personal data:

2-1 Age required to use the BONTON website and for the collection of personal data

The purpose of the BONTON website is to sell women’s and children’s ready-to-wear clothing, the fragrance range, toys, etc. and other household items (furniture, decoration, bedroom linen). Existing or prospective clients must be aged at least 16 years old to supply their personal data. BONTON therefore does not collect the data of children aged under 16 and if it is found that such data has been collected in error, please immediately inform BONTON at contact@bonton.fr to have said data deleted.

2-2 Direct collection

This concerns information collected online via our website or via other digital platforms and applications or in-store. (for example: creation of an account, registration for the BONTON Newsletter, placing an order, purchases made in-store, job applications, etc.);

When collecting this data, the mandatory fields are those which are not shown as being optional. If you do not complete these fields, this may prevent you from accessing our products or services. The other information is optional and is intended to help us to get to know you better in order that we may be better able to serve you.

2-3 Indirect collection

BONTON also collects information about you indirectly, when you visit the BONTON website, its applications or other digital platforms.

The collection of this information is required to ensure the satisfactory technical operation of the BONTON website, the quality of your browsing experience on the website, and also enables BONTON to carry out analyses to be in a position to serve you better and to tailor the proposed services to you.

This indirectly-collected data is as follows:

Technical information concerning your browsing of the BONTON websites, for connection purposes and to identify your country/town through geolocation (i.e. the IP address and cookies);
Information concerning your online profile and data concerning the use of the website (i.e.: tracking your navigation on the website or recording the products placed in the shopping cart);
Personal data collected via the media platforms and the social networks (e.g.: when you follow BONTON’S social networking pages, the personal information designated as being public, which can be seen by everyone from your profile on the said social networks).



The processing of your personal data is necessary in order to enable us to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to our business sector and to the sale.

Additionally, this processing is vital to the contract of sale concluded with our customers and the provision to our customers (whether potential or existing) of a website, applications and all other online services making it possible to facilitate and conclude the contract of sale.

This processing of your personal data is necessary to the satisfactory operation of BONTON, whose business activity involves making sales and proposing bespoke, high quality products, services and after sales services to you. BONTON therefore has a legitimate interest in being able to exercise its activities and to offer a high, bespoke service quality. Furthermore, BONTON must be able to process your personal data to fulfil the sales it has made and the services related to these sales.

BONTON may use your personal data in order to:

  • Enable you to surf the BONTON website and access your customer account;
  • Enable you to obtain information about our products and services;
  • Enable you to purchase BONTON products and brands sold on our website or in our BONTON stores;
  • Enable you to access our after sales services;
  • Subject to obtaining your consent, to propose tailored offers to you based on your requirements and preferences;
  • To hear your opinion of our BONTON products and services;
  • To draw up statistics and produce financial and business studies;
  • To keep you informed about our latest collections, campaigns, and events by sending you BONTON communications (by email, by letter or by text message and via third-party media platforms);
  • To meet legal and administrative requirements.

Concerning job applications: recruiting and selecting applicants.



4-1 Within the company BONTON

The only employees able to access your personal data are those with a need to be aware of this data in order to perform their duties. These employees must be authorised for this purpose and be in possession of a secure connection for the data processing operations.

Thus, if you are a current or prospective customer of BONTON, only the BONTON staff working within those teams with a clear need to possess your information and who will be processing this information (staff from the Digital and Retail teams with responsibility for Customer Relations) will have access to your personal data.

If you have submitted an application, only the staff from the human resources department or the department handling the recruitment will have access to your data.

4-2 Outside the company BONTON

Your personal data will not be supplied to third parties, with the exception of other BONTON entities, for the aforesaid purposes, and to our trusted service providers (i.e.: providers of maintenance, security and IT assistance services, hosting providers, suppliers of payment services, etc.) acting on BONTON’S behalf based on secure contractual agreements which include strict data protection obligations.

BONTON may also be obliged to transfer personal data to third parties if the competent authorities demand this, in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

In the case of a merger or sale, your personal data will be permanently transferred to our successor company.



BONTON does not transfer any of your Personal Data abroad.

If such a transfer is established, particularly outside the European Union, this will be subject to appropriate guarantees and in full compliance with the applicable personal data protection regulations.



In order to be able to guarantee high quality tailored services for you, BONTON needs to store your personal data for the time required to be able to provide said services and to fulfil its legal obligations. BONTON stores your data:

6-1 If you are a BONTON Customer

Due to the quality and nature of BONTON’S products and services, the lifecycles, purchase cycles and after sales service periods are longer than for ordinary consumer products, requiring suitably adapted Customer administration periods and deadlines.

The data from your Customer account is therefore stored and used for a maximum period of 5 years as from the date of your last purchase or interaction with the BONTON brand (interaction with the customer service department, participation in an event, etc.). At the end of this 5-year period, BONTON may contact you again to find out whether or not you wish to continue receiving information concerning its offers, news and events.

The data concerning transactions concluded with BONTON will be stored and archived for periods which may vary according to the type of data and which will not exceed 10 years in order that BONTON may fulfil its administrative and legal obligations. Upon expiry of these periods, the data will be destroyed.

6-2 If you are a prospective BONTON customer

Namely, if you have requested information concerning BONTON but have not yet purchased any products from us or created a BONTON Customer account.

Your data, which you consented to supply at the time you registered for our Newsletter, will be stored for a period of 3 years as from the date on which this data is collected. This period will begin again whenever you interact with BONTON (for example, participation in an event). At the end of this 3-year period, BONTON may contact you again to find out whether or not you wish to continue receiving information concerning its offers, news and events.

6-3 If you are applying for a position at BONTON

Your data will be stored for 2 years from the date of your application.

6-4 Bank card data

Storage of bank card data following a payment: this data will be stored for 15 months by a secure payment services provider.

Storage of bank card data in the electronic wallet for subsequent purchases: this data will only be stored by a secure payment services provider if you have agreed to this and until such time as you withdraw your consent or your bank card expires.



BONTON has introduced appropriate technical and physical measures to guarantee the privacy and security of your personal data.

The physical and electronic backup of the data collected is performed in compliance with the applicable French regulations concerning the protection of personal data and with market standards.

The BONTON staff who will have access to your Personal Data as a result of their duties will be subject to strict privacy obligations.

Please be aware however that no transfer of data over the Internet is 100% secure and that all information communicated online may potentially be intercepted and used by persons other than the intended recipient.



You have different rights enabling you to be better able to protect yourself and to manage the protection and use of your personal data:

  • A right to information: you have the right to be informed of the way your personal data is processed.
  • A right of access and rectification: you have the right to obtain confirmation whether personal data concerning you is being processed or not and, where applicable, to access said personal data and to obtain a copy. You have a right to rectify your personal data to correct, update or add to it.
  • A right to deletion: in certain cases you have a right to demand the deletion of your personal data. However, this is not an absolute right and BONTON may have legitimate and legal reasons to store this data.
  • A right to restrict processing: in some cases you have the right to demand the limitation of the processing of your personal data.
  • A right to data portability: you have the right to receive the personal data you have supplied to BONTON in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and you may forward said data to another data controller with no possibility for BONTON to oppose this. This right only applies if the processing of your personal data is based on your consent or on the fulfilment of a contract and if this processing is performed with the aid of automated processes.
  • A right to oppose processing: you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data for commercial prospection purposes at any time. The right to submit a complaint to the relevant supervisory authority in the event of any breach of the applicable laws and regulations concerning data protection, including the GDPR but also any national or regional law regarding data protection concerning you.

To exercise these rights, you should contact BONTON contact@bonton.fr and supply the following information: first name, last name, email address or any other information necessary to confirm your identity and to enable us to process your request, such as your postal address for example. To ensure the greatest security of your data, you may be required to provide proof of your identity before your request will be processed.

You may also opt to unsubscribe from our Newsletters, letters or text messages at any time by using the following procedure: by unsubscribing from the Newsletter at any time via your customer account by clicking the unsubscribe link featured in each email or by contacting the customer service department on contact@bonton.fr and asking to no longer receive the newsletter, letters or text messages.



Cookies are files which store small quantities of data related to your use of the Website (including your IP address) on your computer’s hard drive. The data collected via the cookies used on the Website is anonymous and does not include personal data.

9-1 Cookies generated by BONTON

Some of the cookies generated by our server help us to run our website and are used in particular for orders, while others monitor Website traffic to identify visitors’ interests, to carry out analyses and to adapt and customise the Website and the advertising accordingly. By storing information about your previous visits, they also provide you with faster and more efficient access to the Website.

9-2 Cookies generated by third-party companies

Our website may include IT applications from third parties to enable you to share content from our website or your opinion concerning our products with other people, via social networks (for example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) or via websites (for example: Youtube, etc.) by clicking among other things on the “share” or “like” buttons or adding comments.

These social networks and websites may identify you when you navigate on their applications included on our website. BONTON has no information about and no control over the use and processing of your personal data by these websites. You should refer to their own personal data protection policies.

9-3 Managing cookies

Most web browsers accept the use of cookies by default. By accessing the Website you consent to this use.

You may nevertheless change your navigation settings to control the use of cookies or to block them. If you choose this option, you should be aware that the Website may not operate correctly or even not operate at all. The methods of changing these settings vary from browser to browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome, etc.) and we invite you to consult your browser’s “Help” menu for further information.

9-4 Cookies

The cookies managed by BONTON are stored for a maximum of 6 months.



By using the BONTON website or purchasing our products in our Stores and our BONTON Sales Outlets, you agree to the collection and use of your data as described in this Personal Data Protection Policy. This Policy expresses the professional practices applied within BONTON.

In the event of modifications or updates, the revised Policy will be published online on the bonton.fr website, mentioning the date of the last update.



Septembre 2020