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Fly Me To the Moon

Ready for lift off? Get on board the Bonton rocket, we are going to the moon! The Fly Me to the Moon holds the promise of stars, so enjoy the journey!

Galaxy Blue is the colour of the night sky and the silver is reminiscent of cosmonauts’ suits. The planets are everywhere when you wear them as an all-over print on fleece or oversize on a large etamine wool scarf. The felted embroidered weave holds the theme’s slogans: Fly Me to the Moon, Riding the Sky and Milky way.


The planets are aligned the spotlight, to get the year off to a good start! We collect sweatshirts printed with Love, Saturn or Galaxy Academy. The hooded jacket with “Stardust” mirror print promises stars. Like a multicoloured Milky Way, the Liberty Polka Sky can be mixed and matched with the small Rocket Red or Celest Blue velvet shorts.


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