To sleep, nap or just sit comfortably, the French-made Tub sofa bed will welcome you with open covers!
An ideal bed for small spaces, we love its versatility as a beautiful transition bed from baby to big or as an extra sleeping area.
Good transition bed with a size and proportion that will make your child feel secure.
Welded steel structure and varnished solid maple feet for optimal comfort.
Available in khaki and pink.
L144 x W74 x H60 cm
Bed base included
18.3 kg
Delivered assembled

Made in France, in partnership with the Manufacture Vendéenne, renowned for its know-how and the quality of its Resistub products, the Tub collection is inspired by school furniture, with more modern lines. It is a 2019 version of traditional school furniture. The Tub range combines soft varnished solid maple with the warmth of tubular metal. Its sleek style adds an enduring impression of lightness.

    Tube structure and welted steel bed base Matte powder coated paint finish with textured effect, khaki Vanished solid maple feet

Overdyeing by Bonton

At Bonton, we know all about colour: it's been our passion for the past 15 years! We've worked with the same Nantes-based dyeing company, Bonnin, right from the very start.

The principle is as follows: rather than dyeing the thread or fabric before assembling the garment, the item is first produced in white (the "dye-ready" garment) and is then overdyed in its entirety at the Bonnin dyeing factory.

This is no small task, requiring care and precision! The Bonnin dyeing company is special in that it uses natural pigments. The colourists create the perfect blend, in other words the right proportions of coloured powder and bicarbonate, to satisfy the Bonton Design department.

Once the right colour blend has been found, the dye-ready items are heat-dyed in large pots at very high temperatures for 12 to 24 hours, according to the desired result. Next, the colour is set using coarse salt! About five rinses are then needed to prevent colour bleeding and any laundry disasters at home!

Bonton's toiletries range

Bonton isn't just about clothes! In 2014, we launched our fragrance, now available in an eau de toilette, scented sachets and a shower gel. And there is sure to be more to come...

The eau de toilette came first. Created by Isabelle Doyen & Camille Goutal, it is a joyful blend of Neroli, Lemon, Petitgrain, Iris and Galbanum.

But the adventure didn't end there! The second instalment in our Bonton star-print range came in the form of paper sachets infused with our unique scent created with the help of the French brand, Kerzon. These can be slipped into a drawer or bag or, given their elegant print design, why not hang them on the wall?

Last but not least, bursting with the wonderful Bonton fragrance, is the shower gel! Suitable for children and adults alike, it works wonders on hair and body, as per its name, "top to toe"! The Bonton fragrance is immediately recognisable upon application and the scent is gently absorbed by the skin

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