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Shetland Holidays

Shetland Holidays, an invitation to walk in the Scottish wilderness.

In the most natural collection, you can feel the scent of damp footpaths bordered with ferns. The colours of the theme are inspired by Scottish landscapes: Lichen and Loch Ness Green, Lisbeth Pink, etc. Then you are invited to a generous tea: Plum Pudding, Very Berry Pink, Chutney Yellow, Biscuit and Irish Coffee Mottles, in touches, promising comfort to walkers who come back from the open air with cold hands and rosy cheeks.


God save the queen! Gold comes in as a sunbeam on a checked lamé, it lights up checked gauze, criss-crosses the Heather Flower print voile and lines the Vintage Flower print. Ruffles are welcomed on the bottom of skirts and dance around flouncy mini skirts. Boys fear nothing in denim or corduroy trousers, wear mottled zipped-neck jumpers and checked overshirts, and of course the down parka is just right!


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