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Winter Delicacy

Winter Delicacy, with its associations of colours and prints, is a theme with character! !

Sometimes inspired by Japanese sweat treats, Winter Delicacy is the most modern Winter 2020 theme this season. This theme boldly mixes with Velvet Pink, Yuzu Yellow and Charcoal Grey! Delicate zebra and leopard prints match when they want, for girls and babies. We have fun, but the surprise is in good taste!


Prints that reflect your mood! The jacquard jumper courts the Sakura Pink skirt and a cheeky cat keeps the grumps at bay. The waffled Charcoal flower shirt is cool with the chalk jeans and leopard ankle boots. As for the Painted Flowers and Liberty Dora Pink prints, they add a gentle touch to this delicately wild theme... Quite a ride, hold on tight!


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