1. Story

2. Collections

3. Distribution network

4. Bonton key dates


1. History

The story begins with the family.

Thomas learnt his craft in Bonpoint, which had been founded by his parents Marie-France and Bernard Cohen. Irene, his wife, joined him, working in the style office.
That was in 1999. Together, they took on the world of children's fashion, mastering style, know-how and excellent cut.

In the course of their travels, they planned a new future by dreaming of a line dedicated to children, where basics went hand in hand with a timeless spirit, spiced with colours and fun-filled ideas.

BONTON came to life in May 2001, born of a wink and the continuation of their first adventure. The first shop opened its doors at 82 rue de Grenelle, taking on the feel of an unusual concept store dedicated to young people: ready-to-wear, furniture, household linen, books and a host of accessories as charming as they were useful, all crowded cheek by jowl into this glorious300 sq. mloft.

In 2007, the first “Rive droite” shop announced the opening of Le Grand Bonton, on the Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, three years later. This800 sq. mconcept store became the place to be in the Haut Marais. The entire Bonton universe was there: ready-to-wear (from birth to 12); linen and furniture; their glorious bazar of this-and-that; a hairdresser; creative workshops; even cookery courses!

After the opening of its first provincial boutique, inBordeauxin February 2013, the brand launched its first flagship abroad, inTokyoin March 2014, with a250 sq. mstore.

With its key ingredients of colour, good humour and fun, the Bonton style attracts families from all walks of life. It's a love affair which began thirteen years ago, and which now includes fans like Victoria Beckham, Sofia Coppola, Kate Winslet, Stella McCartney and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

A certain style

For thirteen years, every season, the Bonton collections have reinvented their basics, scattering them with colour and fun, and adding new styles which reflect the time being. Some beacon pieces, such as the moss-stitch jacket, or the Shepherd cardigan, have become absolute essentials. Materials tend towards brushed or thick cotton, light voile, fleece or even velvet, set off with embroidered polka-dots, self-coloured, or overprinted with narrow stripes, tiny hearts and little spots.

Know-how in full colour



At Bonton, we've got the colour ranges right at the tip of our fingers.

Dyeing is carried out in old saucepans in the craftsmen's dyeing workshops in the Pays dela Loire. Hereyou'll find nothing synthetic, just natural pigments, magical effects ...

 Summer colours are a sparkling, joyful palette, ranging from Trancoso blue in Brazil to Sunny yellow, passing through Rose pink. As for winter: autumn colours like kaki Highland, rouge cardinal or bleu Belfast, all mix with tartan and other prints.

2. Collections

Ready-to-wear collection

The collections are available in baby, child and junior: from T-shirts to trousers, passing through dresses and blouses, entire wardrobes for children are reinvented in a wide range of colours!

Baby (birth – 2)

All the essentials are given a new, colourful look: all-in-ones, pyjamas, bibs, hats, T-shirts - as well as blouses, dresses, trousers, dungarees and bloomers. Everything's there, every season, in different fabrics and colours. 

Child: girls & boys (2 – 8)

T-shirts, polo-necks, Marcel-style jumpers, sweatshirts, shorts and leggings, it's all there too! Colourful fabrics play with prints: florals, stripes and checks take over voile blouses, bermudas in deep-pile velvet, fabric dresses or even skirts in textured cotton.

Junior: girls & boys (8 – 12)

Carrying on from Child, Junior's styles - with as many clothes as accessories - are designed for the very special look of eight to twelve-year-olds.

Accessories collection

Every season, Bonton adds to its range: wooden trinkets, medallions, hair accessories or even bags and cases. Accessories become essentials!

Absolutely necessary, the Bonton Tote Bag has become the essential accessory for all smart parents over the seasons. Available in several versions, from the neat pochette to the big satchel, in black and white, with coloured stars or with a haze of colour, it now symbolises the brand.



Every season, Bonton gets together with other brands to create one or more distinctive pieces, which enhance that particular collection.

Capsule collection A.P.C. x Bonton, SS14

Peanuts collection + Bonton, SS15

3. Distribution network

BONTON's ready-to-wear, and its way of life, can be found in over 100 sales outlets throughout the world, especially in Italy, Spain, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Japan and the USA, as well as in its four own-brand boutiques.

- Bonton Grenelle, 82 rue de Grenelle, Paris 07
- Bonton Surplus, 82 rue de Grenelle, Paris 07
- Bonton Bazar (linen and furniture), 84 bis rue de Grenelle, Paris 07
- Le Grand Bonton, 5 boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, Paris 03
- Galeries Lafayette Haussman – 5th floor, Paris 09
- Bonton Bordeaux, 9 bis rue Guillaume Brochon, Bordeaux


 Bonton Bordeaux

Finally, last March, the brand opened its first boutique in Japan, in the lively Daikanyama district in Tokyo. The250 sq. mflagship concentrates on the ready-to-wear collections, with a Bazar corner and a cafe / bookshop.

Bonton Tokyo, Daikanyama

4. Bonton key dates

2000: Creation of the Bonton logo by Sophie Cuvelier

May 2001: Creation of the Bonton brand, & opening of the first Bonton boutique, in the former sewing workrooms in rue de Grenelle 

February 2007: Opening of the boutique at 118 rue Vieille du Temple - Paris, 3rd district.

June 2007: Opening of the Bonton Bazar at 122 rue du Bac - Paris, 7th district

August 2007: Opening of the BB Bonton boutique at 82 rue de Grenelle - Paris, 7th district

Since summer 2008: Bonton extends its range, and now dresses children up to the age of 12

September 2009: Launching of the new Papillon ♥ Bonton line and opening of its first shop at 84bis rue de Grenelle – Paris 7th

February 2010: Opening of Grand Bonton at 5 boulevard Filles du Calvaire, Paris, 3rd district, next to Bonton Bazar, Bonton BB and Bonton Coiffure. There's also a sweetshop, with a thousand and one treats

August 2012: Opening of Surplus Bonton, where the old Bonton collections Bonton can be enjoyed again.  

February 2013: Opening of the Bonton Bordeaux boutique at 9bis rue Guillaume Brochon.

February 2014: Opening of the Bonton stall, in Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

March 2014: Opening of the first Bonton store in Japan, in Tokyo

September 2014: Creation of the eau de toilette Bonton

November 2014: Opening of a Bonton stall Japan in Takashinomiya.

March 2015: Opening of a Bonton stall Japan in Futako Tamagawa

August 2015: Opening of a Bonton stall in the famous department store Le Bon Marché, Paris 7th district




Bonton "Eau de toilette"