Who are we ?

The Parisian brand BONTON, desirable due to its family and lifestyle concept. Iconic and committed, it has been the dream of all generations for more than 20 years. With her cool look, her twist of styles and her electric and colorful energy, she dresses the house as well as young and old. Recognizable by his unique and inspiring “je ne sais quoi”, with which all generations identify.

Its mission is close to the family: committing to supporting kids from birth to adulthood. In one way, BONTON brings joy both in exceptional events and in the simple moments of life.


Since the creation of BONTON in 2001, these are timeless, quality locker rooms that have been designed for all moments of our children's lives. Cotton, prints and embroidery are at the heart of the collections.

Over the years, BONTON collections have evolved but always combine comfort and modernity by playing with unique colors, practical cuts and unique silhouettes.

The brand's fun and family DNA is also found in each of the concept stores and corners where the entire offer is presented: ready-to-wear, shoes, furniture, decoration, household linen, stationery and birthday corner. Without forgetting the world of beauty, the line of natural scents and organic cosmetics and even a hairdresser in certain stores!

A precursor, BONTON is the first lifestyle and family concept store that has become a unique and essential place to live. In just a few years, the BONTON collections have been enriched in ready-to-wear, homeware, accessories, beauty and the permanent line. Today, the collections are available in 4 lines: the Minus club (birth - 3 years), the Kids club (4 - 12 years), the Teens club (XXXS to M) and the Mums club (XXS to M).

BONTON thus conveys a French art of living with a sure taste and in keeping with the times with collections of exceptional comfort. The obsessive search for quality is the driving force of the brand, all without denying the cool, cheerful and everyday look of a real child's life.



Position ourselves as the leading, desirable and committed lifestyle brand for the whole family.


The Parisian brand BONTON is the one that dresses and stylizes, entertains and inspires, furnishes and decorates, creates and recreates, accompanies and makes people dream,... ultimately the one that has kept the whole family alive for more than 20 years.


​​Sell in unique and lively places, clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics, furniture, decoration and exclusive and creative toys made with quality finishes while respecting expert know-how favoring ethical and responsible production sectors.

We are also committed to providing families with an immersive experience in our points of sale. We put everything in place so that this visit to BONTON is a friendly moment that creates memories.


At BONTON, we know the color ranges like the back of our hand. A precursor, the brand offered from its beginnings a wide range of colors that were totally unexpected in the children's world. Result: 20 colors are imagined each season in shades of shell pink, air blue, shirt green, Oscar yellow, pebble beige or even chichi gray and bonton navy!